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dear friends, colleagues, family, everybody... after (what seemed) endless preparation and months of planning and arranging I still feel as if half of the things I may need are still missing and the list of what I think I defenitely should have done is pretty long.
I am afraid I have told basically everybody I know about this plan of mine and such I do not need to  extemporate about it at great length, but just in case the one or the other may not know here it is in a nutshell: Gap-Year / Sabbatical and bike from Munich Marienplatz to Beijing Tian An Men square - which is a bit more than 15.000 km and will take me over the alps (hopefully soon, but the snow defenitely is an obstacle), down  the Balkan, Greece Turkey Georgia Armenia and Iran, Central Asia over the Pamir range and then finally China. The plan is to reach Beijing somewhat before November and then head home. Apparently not by bike.
At the same time it looks as if the weather here is getting even worse with every day and whilst I am packing up for my long trip the valleys and villages on my route are being burried under meters of snow.
I still hope that I can leave within the next couple of days and head to Lengries, Scharnitz and Innsbruck, make it over the Brenner and hope for substantially better conditions in the south. Like sunshine and tailwind. Weather forecast indicates Wednesday, less wind, no snow, maybe even sunshine and temperatures around 0°C... so I am hoping for Wednesday
I have assembled some material and info on a homepage - - and will update it with some photos and a blog. There is also an open Instagram account, on which i will upload photos and short movies and impressions to share it with you. In case you are interested you are wellcome to follow. You can access the Instaaccount via the homepage.
With this ...
Apparently the plan is  to - but I am not so sure whether I will eventually - reach Beijing. Now, however, the main issue is to cross the alpes in somewhat acceptable conditions. And I can´t wait to start.
Bye !

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